Jesus Rivera, Director / Artist, Art Forum, Waco,TX

Jesus Rivera, Director / Artist, Art Forum, Waco,TX

Jesus Rivera, Director /  Artist, Waco Art Forum, is an accomplished Artist, having studied under nationally renowned Artists from Mexico and around the world.

He was born in Monclova Coahuila, Mexico and began painting at age 12.  He painted natural objects, people, horses and all types of animals, in his quest for artistic expression.

Jesus began Art classes at Justo Sierra High School, which inspired him to attend Escuela Estatal de Arte (State School of Fine Arts) in San Luis Potosi S.L.P., where he learned professional techniques and advanced his art.

In 1992, he moved to Mexico City to work at Televisas productions, where he worked as an actor in several Tele Novelas.  He enrolled in University of Mexico to study Fine Arts and American Culture.

It was at this University where Jesus transcended beyond his normal ability.  He experimented with textures, dimensions and different techniques, always pushing his art to higher levels.  In 2006, He began exhibiting his art within Mexico City and Houston,TX.

After years of studying in Mexico, Jesus decided to attend Dallas University, where he studied art and continued his education.  He also attended Glassel School of Art in Houston,TX where he met one of the best teachers in Fine Arts.

At this point, Jesus was ready to expand his Art career, and opened the Art Forum in Waco,TX in 2012.  His studio is well known and has established a new venue for art in Central Texas.  He teaches art classes and showcases new art from local and international artists.



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